Man U Loss to Liverpool : Beitbridge Government Primary School Scores

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BEITBRIDGE Government Primary School has become a beneficiary of the 5 nil thrashing of Manchester United FC by Liverpool in a game played some 9 102 kilometers away at Old Trafford.
A bet by Beitbridge’s two sons, both avid football followers and sponsors Mfundisi “Rhoo” Ncube and Edward Kanyangu benefitted the school which received 35 liters of hand sanitizer.
The head of Beitbridge Government Primary School Ms Moyo was pleasantly surprised by what the Manchester a United drubbing brought to her doorstep.
“We were running shot and then you came along, we are at loss of words,” Moyo told coordinator of the bet Rodlet Chigwinya.
Chigwinya delivered the sanitiser on behalf of the two who are no longer based in Beitbridge where their soccer life is clearly inscribed in the halls of fame.
Rhoo who is based in Dubai bet with Kanyangu that the latter’s Manchester United would lose to Liverpool.
Each put R400 on the table but agreed non would benefit from the money which would go to a charitable organisation.
“Results of the game are known and I was tasked to look for who to donate to and I settled for that school. You will remember last year other schools in the border town benefitted but not from a similar set up,” said Chigwinya.
Rhoo and Kanyangu are not strangers to the Beitbridge soccer stage.
Both have a common background at Border Strikers where they played as youths.
Rhoo continued to support Border Strikers donating kits, balls and other accessories for Beitbridge’s last soccer team to grace the top heights of Zimbabwe’s football.
Earlier he played for Mitchell Costs before joining Vavheneki where he played with the likes of Hosea “Mixer” Muleya, Gibson “Mabhanan’ana” Makhanda, the late Chester Makhanda and Darlington Nyengedza, Edward Kanyangu, Given Masuka, to name a few.
Kanyangu became the director of Triple B, a team that surprised many by getting promotion into the premier league to become second team in Beitbridge after Underhill.
Kanyangu is credited for single handedly developing Dulivhadzimo Stadium to a status acceptable to host premiership soccer meeting Confederation of African (CAF) standards.
Rhoo has remained hooked Beitbridge football and participated in the 21 September 2019 charity football gala headlined by Beitbridge Masters and Legends.
The match played before a capacity crowd at Dulivhadzimo Stadium raised substantial amounts of money donated to various charitable organisations across the sprawling border town.

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