Two Creche Kids Suffocate in Car Boot

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TWO Chiredzi pre-school kids suffocated on Tuesday after their minder forgot them in the trunk of a car that ferries them to their early development centre.

Lynet Musungatu (4) and Celine Shiri (3) were pronounced dead upon arrival at Chiredzi District Hospital while two boys who were in the same boot were resuscitated.

The four were all from Javas Pre-school in Chiredzi town suffocated to death in the trunk of a Honda CVR car.

Reports say that the owner of the Pre-school, Mrs Zhuwakina Javangwe forgot them in the boot where placed them on her way to school in the morning.

Media reports said Masvingo Provincial Police Spokesperson Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa confirmed the incident to the State media.

According to the police report Mrs Javangwe put four children, two boys and two girls in the car trunk at around 10 am.

She only later discovered that she had forgotten the four minors when she was about to clean the car following which she removed them.

Yesterday the social media was abuzz with the shocking incident with most Zimbabweans blaming police and school authorities for not paying attention to how children are transported to schools.

“Children are crammed in minibuses, small cars and other unsuitable vehicles. It is an area that education authorities, police and parents have turned a blind eye to,” said Andrea Musetu of Masvingo.

“School reaches and some people own these cars that are at times not fit to carry children,” he said.

Police have also been accused of turning a blind eye to the public transport system.

Intercity travel in Zimbabwe is now dominated by small private cars which are not insured.

The cars are usually overloaded with some people sitting between the driver and the front passenger where ideally only two people sit.

“Surprisingly these cars pass roadblocks and police let them because they pay a bribe. This is what Government must fight. People are in danger,” said a Chiredzi resident. 

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