MP Donates $21k Pedigree Bulls To Constituency

BEITBRIDGE East member of parliament Albert Nguluvhe says he will donate another seven (7) breeder bulls worth US$21 000 to improve the quality of cattle in his seven-ward constituency.

The latest contribution will bring to 14 the number of bulls he would have distributed to his constituency he won in the 2018 general elections.

“Soon after being elected into office I made an undertaking to improve the quality of breed of cattle in my constituency which will make us the prime beef area.

“I have pedigree Brahman herd and I feel people in my constituency will be empowered if the quality of their cattle improves,” he said.

“I have already selected the best bulls from my herd and I am waiting for the respective traditional leadership to direct me where to deliver these.

“In a recent meeting they asked me to wait a bit while they monitor the rains pattern so that the bulls are not starved of pastures,” he said.

“The villagers will place the bull centrally where it will work before being moved to another. I have seven wards in my constituency and they should benefit,” he said.

Nguluvhe said his cattle are mostly Brahman but of late he is cross-breeding with some with Simbra, Beefmaster and Bradford.

He inherited Beitbridge East from former Vice President Kembo Mohadi.

The constituency, he said, is traditionally known as one of the best livestock zones which is the mainstay of about 50 000 people.

“The lives of people in the constituency will definitely change for better if they have an improved herd.

“We must as a community work towards that and there is noone to do it except us.

“I could sell those bulls and make money but where will it leave the people who have put their faith in me? I must work with and for their betterment,” said Nguluvhe.

Livestock is a major source of livelihood for villagers most of whom are recovering from effects of a series of droughts that exposed villagers to food insecurity.

Statistics show that Matabeleland South Province in 2020 was the hardest hit by cattle deaths, with over 16 000 cattle dying, while Masvingo lost over 13 000.

Cattle farmers in Beitbridge, among them Nguluvhe, are hopeful that with adequate water resources they can contribute meaningfully to the rebuilding of the national herd.

Nguluvhe lost over 100 cattle at his farm in Bubi, mainly due to water shortages in the 2020 drought but is now recovering, thanks to a good 2021 season that had meaningful rains.

“Last season I had 52 calves and this time I have 42. I will continue to appeal to the Government for more water bodies in my constituency as this will positively impact on our livestock,” he said.

Nguluvhe has re-established a reliable rural transport network in the vast constituency which borders with Mozambique in the east and South Africa in the south.

Cross-border cattle and small stocks rustling continues to worry villagers in the sprawling constituency devoid of any large national water bodies, unlike Zhovhe Dam in the west.

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