Zimra To Spend $50 million in Unnecessary Transfer Allowances To Support Manager


THE Zimbabwe Revenue Authority will from December 2021 to February this year splash a whooping RTGS$50 million in transfer allowances after one of its new managers allegedly refused to work with staff at Beitbridge he said were corrupt.

The country’s busiest port at Beitbridge has a new manager Kenneth Mungati who took over from Innocent Chikuni who moved to Harare late last year.

Mungati is said to have demanded the removal of the entire station allegedly because the officers were “corrupt”.

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) Corporate Communications official Gladman Njanji did not respond to questions sent to him a fortnight ago despite several promises to do so.

Acting Zimra Commissioner General Rameck Masaire also did not respond or even acknowledge receipt of questions sent to his rmasaire@zimra.co.zw address this week.

This publication however is reliably informed the first batch of the plus/minus 300 Customs and Excise officers’ establishment at Beitbridge left on December 31 for their new stations.

All the 300 are expected to have left by the end of February 2022 during which their replacements arrive in corresponding batches.

“All the affected officers have been given their letters of transfers and informed of their new destinations.

“The transfers were almost indiscriminate and some who had just arrived at Beitbridge and less than six months old are affected,” said an officer.

“The new manager is said to have refused to work with us allegedly because he said we were corrupt. He was here recently as the assistant regional manager to Chikuni.

“Ironically, most of the officers coming to replace those leaving Beitbridge were here and unceremoniously left in 2016 when Mungati allegedly refused to work with them because they were “corrupt”.

“Some of our colleagues were deployed here in 2016 to replace a team of officers the same manager refused to work with during his initial stint at the border but not as a full manager. I am just surprised by all this,” another officer said.

“It then boggles the ming why the department will agree these officers were corrupt when all along they have been declaring having met targets with the same corrupt teams,” he said.

Each officer leaving Beitbridge is entitled to slightly more than a month’s salary as disturbance allowance to cushion them relocate.

average salaries of Customs and Excise officers is between RTGS70 000 and RTGS80 000 and the Government will pay in the range of RTGS48 million to fund the transfers.Beitbridge is Zimbabwe’s busiest border post handling the bulk of goods from the SADC region.

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