All Roads Lead To Bishopstone


ALL Beitbridge roads will this weekend lead to Bishopstone Estates, a citrus fruit farm 45 kilometres west of Beitbridge town.

Bishopstone is among the country’s top exporters of oranges mostly destined for Europe and it also offers Game Drives on its safari.

It employs hundreds of locals permanently at the same time seasonally engages hundreds during oranges picking time.

It will, if all follows plans, be the major source of Government’s ambitious vision to have each Zimbabwean household have at least 10 citrus fruit trees as announced by Anxious Masuka, the Zimbabwean Agriculture minister.

Besides, Bishopstone should spearhead the small livestocks initiative by Government by facilitating the importation of Boer Goats.But this weekend the large estate is being invaded.

This is by no means a land redistribution invasion, no. It is a derby match between Bishopstone Estates and Dulibadzimu United Football Club.

“We are appealing to all Beitbridge residents to accompany their team to Bishopstone Estates. We have organised a bus to leave Dulibadzimu Stadium for the match. It is R40 for the round trip,” Dulibadzimu secretary general Mandla “Combat” Moyo said Friday.

He appealed to other locally based bus operators to join the exodus and ferry supporters to what promises to be a fun-filled family outing after two years of COVID 19 induced lockdown.

“All World Health Organisation COVID 19 protocols will be observed,” Moyo said.

He appealed to all social soccer teams to postpone their matches and join the great trek to Bishopstone.

The match itself promises to be fireworks as Dulibadzimu United FC hopes to pick up the pieces after dropping three points in last week home encounter against Gweru based side Sheasham at the Mabhidi Stadium.

Dulibadzimu which has vowed to bring premiership football to the border town will be uncompromising despite facing some of its sons in the trio of Clever Mutendebvure Mangere.

Louis Mathambo and Tatenda Koffi.Veteran Forward Makambanga said last week match was behind and the squad is focused.

“We are focused on tomorro’s game and we have put everything aCoach Stanford Ncube said his side ahas a clean bill as regards COVID 19.

“The team will revolve around captain Leeroy Rwokuda and goal getter Benedict Sithole was itching for the net.

“He did not score last week but wants to take his tally up,” said the dreadlocked Ncube.

Sithole scored a brace in Dulibadzimu United victory in the opening match against Vumba Chikwe. Ncube said his team had only one result and that was a victory.

“After last week’s game we are just going for a victory. We don’t have any other result in mind. We are going to win and bag three points,” Ncube said.

He joked his team can beat Norman Mapeza’s national team.Assistant coach Paul “Kabila” Mugabiri asked supporters to come and watch entertaining football.

“The supporters should be with us from the start. The game is already hyped being a derby and players know what to do,” said Mugabiri.

Dulibadzimu will be featuring five new faces from the squad that played last week.

Possible Team: Tatenda, Forward, Polite, Simon, Brooklyn, Leeroy, Thabo, Peter Evidence Milton, and Benedict.?.

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