Skeem Beit Officially Opens Doors


ITS a midas touch, to be precise.

This is the apt description of SKEEM BEIT, a leisure joint officially opening in the heart of Beitbridge today.

Richard Govati told Beitbridge Eye that a whopping figure upwards of $75 000 was spent on the build up, redesigning, branding and spoiling of what will start defining the entertainment life of Beitbridge town, Zimbabwe’s southernmost urban settlement.

Govati who is the marketing head of SKEEM BEIT was candid and bullish.

“That figure upawards of $75k speaks of how we rate Beitbridge people and the town itself. We are not sparing anything to uplift the leisure standards, no.

“People deserve class and here we up the bar,” he said.In the background of the interview heavy drumbeat, refined sound reigned soon after the rains.

“We have been here putting final touches the entire week and without rest, it’s been 24/7. We cannot miss target supreme class, Beitbridge deserves that, nothing less,” he smiled.And the music played on.”Today, Friday is the official opening. Our theme is strictly All Black. It is more of a Champaigne night. We are introducing expensive tastes. We serving good world class champaign. Besides, we have whiskies and classy too. As main drinks, yes champagnes like Moet, Vueve, Ace of Spades, Ballair, name it!”He said a range of old whiskies the likes of Glenfiddich 18 years, 15 years down to 12 years, Hennessy VOSP, Blue Label, Black and Green Label, Double Black Label and several other ranges including Remmy Martin will be served.Drinks are served from ice buckets if wanted chilled.” Let us be teaching people to drink expensive drinks that are healthy,” he said.And the music played on in the background.Enzo I Shall will headline the star studded event.”On the stage the Holy Ten, Anita Jackson will dish out stuff and we also have top Mcees lined up to light up two nights of fun,” said Govati.Before MCees MCee Femi Large (Nigeria) and MCee Zimboy of Harare, Disc Jockey Andile Brown will rock the three day party to comply with all COVID 19 regulations, said Govati.”Expect a slow groover for Sunday to feature in an open air arena for the warm down. It will be in the six-aside field facing the VIP and the Lounge.”Govati said the event will be unpacked in three different sets of the VVIP, the VIP and the lounge to have eight people per table.” We have pegged our entrance fee at $50 and up. Standards at Beitbridge need be uplited giving a decent place to the who is who of our beautiful town,” said Govati who said the concept for the bar was created from an adoption of international standards.On the dishes, platters with sumptous serving will be available on orders.”We have a chef coming from Harare specifically to serve the quality dishes from the capitol, we not sparing anything to get that class,” said Govati.”Our vision is to have an upmarket place meeting international standards which can host anyone from anywhere in the world, Harare, Cairo, Cape Town, New York and Johannesburg should fit in here,, just to have fun,” he said.The grand event has been advertised widely on social sites and featured on Zimbabwe Celebrities.Govati said a maximum of 50 people are expected for the event where individuals are expected to pay $50 to secure a place at a table.Outside the venue Neon nigns have been erected to display day themes, events and the name of the joint which is a city in a town.Artistry touches are on show at the events venue that sits equi-distant from Harare and Johannesburg and in the heart of cultural and lovable people of Zimbabwe’s,s Venda community.A Beitbridge resident Tizwihangwi Muleya said such developments are necessary because the town was dealing emense growth.”We have multi-million border post developments and these should also reflect within our social set ups. We need to see Dubai in Beitbridge. This is a first in Beitbridge and we need this top society place,” he said.SKEEM BEIT will run on Thursday, Friday Saturday and lazily on Sunday.

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