Skeem Beit Lives To It’s Billing


The grand opening of a new pub of grandeur, glitz and glamour, Skeem Beit last Friday, Saturday and into Sunday marked a turning point in Beitbridge’s leisure and night life.

For the first time, a Beitbridge club hosting an international artist as Nigerian household name Femi Large touched base.

Just call it class, and such doesn’t come cheap.

Set at what was then known as Ronnie’s plaza in Dulibadzimo and now the exquisite Skeem Beit, hear this, nights will never be the same again.

Of course Skeem Beit just runs Thursday, Friday, Saturday and lazy jazzy Sunday afternoons for a warm down.

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays are not for the faint hearted nor the weak at pocket. It’s for those willing to live today, have fun, make merry with boundless joy.

It is not for stingy hands, no. It’s a place for those out to spoil themselves, enjoying fruits of hard work, their sweat.

Imported whisky, beers and champaignes are on the haul.

Delivery is by professional waitresses selected from the creme de la de creme of Zimbabwe’s city of Kings, koBulawayo.

Tjoo, the heaven should be missing some angels!

And their fashion when bringing an order is a marvel to watch, their hands up above, revealing their fresh, curvy and stunning human shapes, they form a bee-line to deliver an order and usually they increase in number with the lead woman hoisting the drink.

Sometimes heaven visits earth.

Beitbridge Eye captured the delivering an 18 year old whisky, and one waitresses sprung half a dance as others cheered.

Then with a naughty tease in their smile, they leave you dazzled as they collect the next order elsewhere. Surely, you only live once.

The fun is without boundaries and that was on parade and has arrived in Beitbridge.

“Having top class is our only option,” said marketing team leader Richard Govhati.

And so Friday, at the official opening, the theme was all black.
The damage at the turnstile was $50 and it screened all riff ruff.
There were no speeches, cash does not want talk.

Real deal go-getters were on song and no hangers on lingered.
Cute well apparelled ladies, their heads high and perfumes right, strut their stuff under a caring line of balloons that sieved ordinary lighting to create blue.

Intermittently the DJ would pump his smoke machine and in one such incident star Enzo I Shall appeared from behind that smoke.
Yes, he brought down the roof with hit after hit.

And women rushed to the stage edge to touch him as he belted out his tunes and doing what he knows best. And the crowd sang along.

Saturday featured Femi Large.
Femi Large is a singer, song writer, and a music producer.

The previous day he had appeared to do an impromptu collaboration with Enzo I Shall and gosh, crowd was treated to future music.

Femi Large (center in shades)

“I will do a lot of collaboration with Enzo and for him this is the beginning of greater things,” Femi Large said in the background of his song Mercy, a gospel hit.

“His trip to America is beckoning. He is immense talent and I promise his star is shining,” said Femi.

He promised scores of international artists to arrive at Skeem Beit making it an entertainment powerhouse.

Holy10 also featured Saturday while DJs and top MCees like Zimboy rocked.

But it is Enzo who will remember the night he scored a treble winning an international trip to USA and being the pioneer artist to perform at what promises to separate boys from men in the leisure life of Beitbridge and getting a chance for international collabos.

“We need a place like this in our developing town. We should show the difference between us and other towns because we are at an international point,” said Beitbridge Town Clerk Loud Ramagkapola.

People must have a place for the mature, he said.

“Our expectations were met. The launch of official opening was far more than we expected. We are now counting down for our next big event which will be Valentine’s Day,” Govhati said.

The day is expected to be lined up with several activities including a four team soccer tourney.

Soccer tournament organiser Rodlet Chigwinya said venue will be at the rural Mabhidi Stadium which has hit Beitbridge by storm.

“Finer details will be released in due course but people must expect local top class soccer,” said Chigwinya.

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