IOM Beitbridge Dormitory Gutted by Fire

THE International Organisation for Migration (IOM) male dormitory at their Beitbridge reception centre was on Saturday evening razed down to the ground by a fire and a lone occupant was lucky to survive the inferno.

Origins of the fire are not yet known and damage was yet to be quantified but the survivor escaped when the fire started.

IOM officials at the scene said they could not disclose anything before making police statements but undertones suggested the fire was sparked off by a power surge that also resulted in light bulbs at some houses in the vicinity bursting.

Police who arrived at the scene well after this publication could not easily locate IOM officials who soon after refusing to answer questions walked away from the Beitbridge Eye.

The roof of the prefabricated dormitory had carved in and the fire was still alive when police arrived.

There was no sign of the Beitbridge Fire Brigade administered by the Municipality of Beitbridge which has of late failed to attend to many similar fires.

The IOM established a reception centre at Beitbridge with objectives among them upholding the rights and dignity of migrants.

The centre was handed over to Government in 2015 and is now run by the Department of Social Welfare.

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