Chicken Inn Gives US$5 000 For Rural Clinic Construction

CHICKEN Inn Beitbridge , a subsidy of Simbisa Brands, has donated US$5 000 towards the construction of Whunga Rural Clinic 120 kilometres west of Beitbridge Town.
The donation is ploughing back to the community in which it operates from and the money was handed over to the villagers Clinic Project Committee at a small function at the take away house branch at Beitbridge.
“We are proud to be partnering the Whunga Community in Beitbridge. The community has embarked on a project of building a clinic that will be located near Whunga Primary School. Simbisa Brands saw it fit to donate US$5 000 towards the building of this community project as this will go a long way in ensuring Whunga residents have access to a medical facility. As the name goes we seek to strengthen the community we serve. We believe once our community bus strong they will strengthen us,” Beitbridge Chicken Inn Branch Manager Frank Ndou said during the handover ceremony.
He said Simbisa was duty bound to make a positive impact in the community where it operates from.
“It is the place people of Zimbabwe who grew Simbisa Brands to where it is today. We opened the first Chicken Inn outlet in Speke Avenue in 1987 and today we operate more that 240 stores countrywide. We will be opening 20 more outlets before year end,” said Ndou.
Simbisa Brand has also spread across Africa with outlets in Mauritius, Namibia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Zambia, Malawi, Swaziland and Ghana.
The Whunga Ward 10 Clinic Project committee chairman Latani Muleya said his community was excited and grateful with the gesture.
“Our clinic was approved in 2014 but remained a project on paper due to lack of funding. Later as the community we bought cement much of it from assistance from our children in the diaspora,” he said.
“We have moulded 86 000 standard bricks we are informed should be adequate for a clinic block and a single staff housing unit and with this money we are now going to start construction. We will buy window and door frames, start construction of the foundation and move on,” he said.
The community of Whunga to date travels between 20 and 30 and kilometres to the nearest health centre at Zezani and Hwali. Major hospitals are in Beitbridge and Manama Mission in Gwanda District.
The area lies a few kilometres west of the path used by the Pioneer Column on its way to what was then called Fort Victoria and about 40 kilometres west of the multi-million dollar Bubye Valley Conservancy where Government and other private players run expensive wildlife nurseries to breed the Black Rhino.
A further 70 kilometres south leads one to several multi-million spinning commercial citrus farms and cattle ranches belonging to a handful of commercial farmers.
Further afield lies the Government cash cow at the Beitbridge border post whose funds residents of the sprawling district say is “just shipped to Harare”.
“We use donkey drawn carts because there is no transport. Our roads are bad and when buses come they are expensive so we rely on on our donkeys,” said Muleya.
“But we are excited we have this project initiative and we will strive and make it work,” he said.
Beitbridge Rural District Council chief executive Peter Moyo said the gesture by Chicken Inn was heart-warming.
“It is pleasing when he have companies that remember the disadvantages faced by communities in which they operate. Such corporate responsibility is applauded,” he said.
“We believe other companies will take leaf,” he said.

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