SA Police nab Four Zimbabweans for cross-border stock theft

FOUR suspects believed to be Zimbabweans have been arrested and charged after being found in possession of livestock suspected to have been stolen from Zimbabwe.

Petros Mbedzi (41), Phenuel Ndou (36), Hulisani Mbedzi (36) and Bokans Mave (36) appeared at the Polokwane Magistrates’ Court where they each faced another charge for contravention of the Immigration Act on 05 April 2022.

The four were denied bail and had their cases postponed to Friday 29 April 2022.

According to a press statement by Limpopo Province Police the four who appeared in court last Tuesday were arrested at Nirvana N1 traffic circle outside Polokwane while driving an Isuzu pick-up truck with a trailer loaded with 52 goats and four sheep.

“Police members from the corporate communication and administration services were busy with logistical duties when they spotted the said vehicle with four occupants.

They stopped the vehicle and immediately called for police backup for assistance while interrogating the suspects about the origin of the livestock.,” South African Police Services spokesman for Limpopo Province Lieutenant colonel Mamphaswa Seabi said.

“The suspects failed to produce proper documentations of the livestock and were immediately arrested on the spot and the vehicle with a trailer were seized.

“Preliminary investigations also revealed that the suspects were in the country illegally and the livestock was stolen from Zimbabwe and destined to be sold in Gauteng province,” Mamphaswa said.

Further investigations by the police Corporate Communication and the Limpopo Provincial Stock Theft and Vereeniging Stock Theft Unit led to Gauteng province where police recovered 28 stolen goats at a plot in Vereeniging policing precinct.

“Furthermore, the operation continued to Musina in Limpopo province resulting in 116 goats believed to be stolen from Zimbabwe also impounded in a farm. The total value of the livestock is estimated at R240 000,” said Mamphaswa.

Preliminary investigations revealed the livestock was illegally transported from Zimbabwe and kept at a farm outside Musina for brand-marking for later transportation to Gauteng province.

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