Dulibadzimu United Stuns Shesham


Shesham (1) 1 Dulibadzimu Utd (0) 1

THERE are times in life when everything falls in place.

These are days when the sun rises from the east at 6am sharp and the weather is fine-tuned by heavenly God’s to suit your desire.

The meal before you is fit for higher class, Pele the GOAT of soccer, the late reggae maestro Robert “Bob”Nesta Marley, Cristiano Ronaldo or even the greatest boxer in the late Cassius Clay aka Mohammed Ali..

Radio stations and Bar DJs seems to pick favourite tunes blown full watts each time you pass or walk into SKEEM BEIT, paGomba, Sisterwood, Darlington’s Terry Butchery, Peter’s Bottle Store or there at Samas as you braai in Beitbridge.

All your boots fit, you have the right people around you and your goalkeeper has just scooped the region you play in and you have gone on an eight-matche unbeaten streak.

It can only be Dulibadzimu United. Who else? Things going good for these lads.

Such is the tale for Beitbridge’s first Division outfit whose skipper Leeroy Rwokuda has been a shining beacon of the Zimbabwe’s Division One Central Region.

A slow start and unnecessary lapses in the first part have not dampened the Boys from the Boundary of Zimbabwe and South Africa.

The players average short heights has sold a dummy to all their opponents and only a few have since learnt dynamites come in small packages, but they kill.

And Saturday last week bore Dulibadzimo United fairy tale run in unfamiliar hunting grounds.

The weather was ideal, the mood was sweet and the Gods of soccer lingered in unfamiliar territory.

To set the tone on the field of play heavens opened and it showered, got cold then it was warm again at kick off.

And just before the start Dulibadzimu United goalkeeper Dion Mtongwizi was crowned the region’s Best Goalkeeper of the Month.

Captain Leeroy Rwokuda walked up stage to receive on Mtongwizo behalf as the later was at work engaged in the upgrade of Zimborders Beitbridge Border Post Project.

Mtongwizi’s sterling performance away to Moses Razorman Chunga’s Chapungu made the charts.

In today’s language Mtongwizi “akaramba negedhi” (he was uncompromising at goals”.

And when the take off whistle blew all Shesham supporters dismissed the Red and White stripped Dulibadzimu Utd.

The high-riding Shesham FC drew first blood at 27 minutes. These are the log leaders.

A screamer on the volley from 30 metres spilt generously into the path of Shesham’s diminutive captain who had the easiest of jobs to tap in from within range, visitors keeper still down was how it came.

Dulibadzimu, surprisingly was not shocked, their coaches felt the defence could have done better on the first call.

Shesham on the other hand pressed on hoping to grab a second, but a hard drilled defence where Forward Makambanga, youthful Efanny Gwawawa, Simon Mangwira and Brooklyn Makawa stood firm.

Rwokuda, in the centre of the park and playing amongst opposition giant players, for some reason got taller.

He won most of the balls and dispossed some from opponents and began astutely directing his ship with telling passes.

And the crowd, hosts and visitors alike, loved his way.

United held back the pressure till half time when they had carefully studied their opposition, Evidence Makasva and Nkosilathi “Mamdala” testing them with sporadic raids and deft sprints here and there.

Then came the second part, the thriller that threw cold water over Shesham.
Dulibadzimu Coach Stanford Ncube instructed his boys to attack and brought in St Marys Secondary School boy Messi Gushero for injured Shepherd Chirape creating a sprinting front of Evidence Chikasva, Hardlife Bile-bile Ndou.

At 60 minutes, with Dulibadzimu camped in Shesham half, the hosts began to crack and resorted to rough play.

Bile-bile received a beauty from Tinashe Mugadzaweta who created his on world in the right centre of the park and released a screamer on the run but missed his target everything done well.

The host defence was breached by the shot and became unsettled.

Then the visitors increased power and glory came when Evidence “Evy” lost all defenders in a smart run to met a cross.

It was a moment of brilliance for Evy and “Stano” Ncube’s boys and horror for Eddie Nyika’s Shesham that was exposed.

Shesham has an old, weak back and other teams may have learnt from Dulibadzimu.

Evy scored with his chest, silenced the hosts who became more disjointed and their old age getting the better of them.

It was trouble in the land of plenty and visitors ran rings around a hapless Shesham.

“They (Utd) played to instructions although we would have wanted to hit them first. We sat back and conceeded a goal the keeper should have stopped but we kept hunting,” Ncube said.

Silence gripped the Gweru Sports Club grounds home of Shesham as the visitors marauded.

Comfortable earlier with a single goal lead, Shesham had employed delaying tactics at times not even picking up stray balls for play.

Without caution from officials they would kick away balls meant for throw ins to buy time.

How the tables turned when they began chasing the stray balls hoping to get a winner.

But each time they did that Dulibadzimu turned on the power and were unlucky not to get a second from numerous free kicks given away by the unsettled hosts.

And the final whistle was a relief to the hosting log leaders than to the visitors who small band of supporters jumped high on the eastern side.

Shesham needs youthful players or their premier league quest will be in vain.

Dulibadzimu United can go back to contention and play for honours into the premiership with the current tempo.

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